The Fun Never Stops At TRCC

We're still waiting on our coffee roaster installation to be completed. However we've stayed busy by researching and experimenting with different types of coffee beans, roasts profiles and producing coffee pods.

Cupping - The Ultimate Taste Test

It's absolutely amazing how many different flavors and notes can be extracted from a coffee bean! And, even the best coffee beans in the world can taste bad if you don't roast them correctly. 

We've also discovered that some importers can be a little deceiving and may mix in some undesirable beans in their shipments. This is bad news when it comes to roasting coffee!

So, how do we keep our customers from receiving lousy coffee? The answer is frequent and consistent cupping. In the coffee industry, cupping is defined as, "the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee." 

Here at TRCC we do a LOT of cupping. It's a time-consuming process, but its the best way to ensure our customers consistently receive excellent tasting coffee.

Creating Coffee Pods

The Keurig coffee machine has taken the world by storm. The K-Cup, which are single-serving coffee containers for the Keurig, does a great job of combining convenience and variety.

With the incredible popularity of Keurig coffee machines, we would be fools if we didn't offer Keurig compatible coffee pods to our customers.

Turns out, producing a coffee pod requires more effort than we previously thought. So, over the past several months we've been working with industry experts on the best way to produce and package coffee pods.

Fortunately, we've made some excellent contacts in the coffee industry, and they've helped us create a process that will allow us to start pumping out coffee pods once our roaster is up and running.

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

We're so close to firing up our roaster that we can already smell the aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

Honestly, we are blown away by the number of restaurants, schools, cafes, businesses and friendly people asking us when our coffee will be available. It's exciting and humbling all rolled into one! We really appreciate everyone's patience and interest in trying our coffee. Thank you.

We plan to launch our website this week. Sorry, you won't be able to place an order yet. But, with a little luck, we should be ready to start roasting and accepting orders in April!