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    Coffee Trader Magazine — oldest coffee shop in the world


    oldest coffee house in the world

    (Photo by Marja van Bochove CC by 2.0)

    We love coffee and everything about it! Checkout the this Coffee timeline! 

    "Before 1000 A.D .: Members of the Galla use berries from coffee tree, ground up and mixed with animal fat to give them energy during the day

    1000 A.D .: Arab traders bring coffee with them and domesticate the coffee plant. They also use them to boil a drink they call qahwa.

    1453 : Ottoman Turks bring coffee to Constantinople.

    1475: The world's first coffee shop, “Kiva Han”, opened in Constantinople.

    1511 : Khair Beg, who was the corrupt governor of Mecca, tried to ban coffee. He feared that drinking coffee would spark the rebellion against him. The sultan at the time proclaimed coffee sacred and had the governor executed.

    1600 : Coffee is brought to Venice by Italian traders and starts spreading the West hemisphere. Pope Advisers of the Clement VIII tried to persuade him to declare coffee an infidel threat because it comes from the Ottoman Empire but he baptized it and declared it an acceptable Christian drink.

    1607 : Captain John Smith was one of the founders the colony of Virginia at Jamestown and introduces coffee to North America.

    1645 : Italy gets its first coffeehouse.

    1652 : Time for England to get its first coffeehouse.

    1668 : Coffee becomes favorite breakfast drink in New York's City's taking place of the beer.

    1668 : Edward Lloyd opens his coffeehouse in England and has many merchants and maritime insurance agents as guests. This place becomes Lloyd's of London, world-known insurance company.

    1672 : First coffeehouse opens in Paris.

    1683 : Franz Georg Kolschitzky, a Viennese who had lived in Turkey, opens the first coffee house in Vienna from spoils of battle for Vienna: bags of coffee that were left by Turkish Army.

    1690 : The Dutch smuggle a coffee plant out of the Arab port of Mocha and become the first to transport and cultivate coffee commercially.

    1721 : First coffee house opens in Berlin.

    1727 : The Brazilian coffee industry gets its start when Lieutenant colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta when the wife of French Guiana's governor gave him a bouquet in which she hid cuttings and fertile seeds of coffee.

    1773 : After the Boston Tea Party drinking coffee becomes a patriotic duty in America.

    1775 : Prussia's Frederick the Great tried to block imports of green coffee, because Prussia had economic problems at the time, but public soon changed his mind.

    Beginning of the 20th century : In Germany, afternoon coffee becomes a daily ritual.

    1900 : Hills Bros. starts to pack roast coffee in vacuum tins which marks the moment of the decline of the local roasting shops and coffee mills.

    1901 : Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato of Chicago invents the first soluble instant coffee.

    1903 : “Sanka” was invented by the researchers of the German coffee importer Ludwig Roselius.

    1906 : The first mass-produced instant coffee was invented by George Constant Washington, an English chemist living in Guatemala.

    1920 : As the Prohibition starts in the United States, coffee sales rise.

    1938 : Nestle company invented freeze-dried coffee as a method for Brazil to keep their coffee surpluses. From that Nestle invents Nescafe.

    1940 : The US imports 70 percent of the world coffee crop.

    1942 : During W.W.II, American soldiers get instant Maxwell House coffee in their ration kits while at the home front uncontrolled hoarding coerced government to ration coffee.

    1946 : In Italy, Achilles Gaggia perfects his espresso machine.

    1971 : Starbucks opens its first store in Seattle's Pike Place public market."

    The above timeline come from http://www.historyofcoffee.net/